6 Dec

“We’re just gonna drizzle it over those graham crackers.”

French vanilla pudding mixed with whipped cream serves as the center of this giant eclair. Watch Paula foodgasm as she tops this dessert off with its tantalizing chocolate icing.

3 Dec

“But you know what? The more cheese to me, the better.”


2 Dec

“I’m your cook, not your doctor!”


29 Nov

“Now I’m gonna put a pound of shrimp into our cream cheese and butter mixture.”


27 Nov

“Now, you know a man can’t resist oysters or beer. And you put the two together, and you know you’ve got a winner.”


25 Nov

“I could eat a ton of this.”

This being cranberry sauce layered with a cream cheese-mayonnaise filling of course. Happy Thanksgiving from PaulaDeenisms! And stay tuned for the results of the PaulaDeenisms Thanksgiveaway. If you haven’t yet entered to win $35 in online cash, find out how to do so here.

23 Nov

“And here goes our frosting – mayonnaise and cheese! You know, that’s really hard to beat. Now we’re gonna put these in the oven and bake ’em until our cheese is melted and bubbly, and I promise you they’re gonna scarf these down.”