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16 Feb

“I’m gonna start with 2 cups of sugar…I’m gonna add one cup of packed light brown sugar. I’m gonna add two-thirds a cup of white corn syrup. I’m gonna add two-thirds of a cup of butter – sounds delicious doesn’t it? And I’m gonna add one cup of heavy cream.”

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27 Aug

“The two foods that are fixin’ to collide is sugar and mashed potatoes.”

3 Aug

“To my cream cheese and butter, I’m gonna add seven – don’t have a heart attack – seven cups of powdered sugar.”

2 Aug

“What my sweet is and your sweet is can be two different things. So I’m gonna double the sugar. I’m gonna use two-thirds of a cup of sugar in mine.”

29 Jul

“We’re gonna start with one cup of graham cracker crumbs…a fourth of a cup of sugar, and four tablespoons of melted butter. Ooh yum! It looks good already.”