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23 Dec

“The cheese and the butter has finally melted. Now I’m gonna take it off the heat, and I’m gonna pour this over two one-pound boxes of confectioners’ sugar.”


3 Dec

“But you know what? The more cheese to me, the better.”


18 Aug

“Don’t be bashful with your mayonnaise because that cheese will absorb a ton. In fact, you’ll think that you have too much mayonnaise in it, but after it comes out of the refrigerator, it’ll be as hard as my arteries.”

A continuation of Paula’s exercising video. This is her after-workout power snack, pimento cheese with extra mayonnaise.

24 Jul

“I just love ’em. You know why? Because it has dough, it has cream cheese, and it has chicken, and it has cheese – all of my favorite foods.”