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16 Feb

“I’m gonna start with 2 cups of sugar…I’m gonna add one cup of packed light brown sugar. I’m gonna add two-thirds a cup of white corn syrup. I’m gonna add two-thirds of a cup of butter – sounds delicious doesn’t it? And I’m gonna add one cup of heavy cream.”

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4 Jan

“I’m gonna add…what the heck, I think I’ll put a tablespoon of butter in it, just cause I saw the butter sitting back here! Can’t resist it!”

23 Dec

“The cheese and the butter has finally melted. Now I’m gonna take it off the heat, and I’m gonna pour this over two one-pound boxes of confectioners’ sugar.”


29 Nov

“Now I’m gonna put a pound of shrimp into our cream cheese and butter mixture.”


14 Nov

“I just want to make sure that everybody gets a bite of butter.”

6 Sep

“The last step is one stick of melted butter. And I’m just gonna pour that over our rolls, and our pudding mix, and our brown sugar, and our pecans. And it’s looking great!”

1 Sep

“You know, this seems so strange. I’m standin’ up here makin’ a stuffin’, and I’ve – I have no butter in it. So I don’t think I can do it y’all. I don’t think I can make this without butter.”