Archive | December, 2010
25 Dec

“Some of us are spoon girls, and some of us are whip girls. So if you like a whip, by all means, pull out your whip and use that.”

Merry Christmas from PaulaDeenisms!

23 Dec

“The cheese and the butter has finally melted. Now I’m gonna take it off the heat, and I’m gonna pour this over two one-pound boxes of confectioners’ sugar.”


17 Dec

“The first piece of pie is always the hardest to get out. That’s why I think I should always have the first piece of pie, cause if it comes out ugly, I can get rid of it before the guests know it.”


6 Dec

“We’re just gonna drizzle it over those graham crackers.”

French vanilla pudding mixed with whipped cream serves as the center of this giant eclair. Watch Paula foodgasm as she tops this dessert off with its tantalizing chocolate icing.

3 Dec

“But you know what? The more cheese to me, the better.”


2 Dec

“I’m your cook, not your doctor!”