Archive | September, 2010
16 Sep

“Now we’re gonna mix a half a cup of mayonnaise, – It’s got all my favorite condiments in it – a half a cup of sour cream, and a cup of grated parmesan cheese.”


14 Sep

Paula to Richard Simmons: “My ziti’s bigger than your ziti!”

11 Sep

“You know, I know everybody um…has kind of nicknamed me the butter queen, but that is really the way I do it! You need butter in every square.”

10 Sep

“I’ve made so many hoecakes, collards, and fried chicken that I could probably do it in my sleep.”

-Excerpt from Paula’s blog post “Here We Go Again!”

8 Sep

“You know, I get a lot of kidding cause I cook with so much butter…and sugar…and those kind of ingredients.”

7 Sep

“You know, there’s nothing worse than busted balls.”

Marshmallow filled sweet potato balls that is!

6 Sep

“The last step is one stick of melted butter. And I’m just gonna pour that over our rolls, and our pudding mix, and our brown sugar, and our pecans. And it’s looking great!”